2. 2024

Together We are Stronger - SITC Indonesian New Year Gala 2024


On January 16, 2024, SITC Indonesia held a New Year party with the theme "Together We Are Stronger". Mr. Yang Shaopeng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SITC, and his wife celebrated the arrival of the New Year with more than 90 employees and guests from Indonesia.

Chairman Yang Shaopeng fully affirmed the past development achievements of Indonesian companies, highly praised each employee's contribution to the development of Indonesian companies, and led everyone to look forward to the future. In combination with the unique cultural history of different regions of Indonesia, employees performed a variety of artistic shows, from traditional folk songs and dances to modern trend music, bringing a wonderful audio-visual feast to the audience.

In the New Year, Indonesian companies will meet the future challenges and opportunities with a new mental outlook, and continue to contribute to SITC's career development blueprint. At the same time, we will practice more social responsibilities and stick to the road of green development.