2. 2018

SITC INDONESIA 2018 Team-building Activity


On October 13, 2018, before the early morning of Jakarta was shrouded by the humid-warm climatic, staff of SITC Indonesia branch were ready to go to the destination of the team-building activity, Bogor City, a famous summer resort 60 kilometers south of Jakarta.

The cool climate in the mountains has revived everyone's spirit. Under the guidance of the coaches, all remember organized several activities in different fighting groups. In the "combat plan", everyone found a more efficient way of communication. In the group competition, the team's combat effectiveness was greatly stimulated.

Away from work, everyone enjoyed in the game activities and get more relaxed and closer, and the mutual trust and understanding between them became deeper. The entire team of Indonesia branch finally got a deep understanding of THE POWER OF TEAM WORK in everyone's enthusiastic smiling face.