2. 2015

Mr. Yang Xianxiang, CEO of SITC visited Kawasaki



On April 28, Mr. Yang Xianxiang, CEO of SITC left for Kawasaki. Mayor of Kawasaki, Mr. Norihiko FUKUDA, chairman of JETRO, Mr. Fumio SAITO, chairman of Kawasaki port Transportation Associate, Mr. Shuichi NISHI, and Director of Bureau of Kawasaki Port and Harbor, Mr. Takeshi OKUTANI, and other related person attended the meeting. Mr. Yang Xianxiang said SITC will furtherly strengthen the strategic partnership with Kawasaki port.

From 2012, SITC open the first line in Kawasaki, exploit the advantage scope of Logistics circle in Kawasaki to provide more convenient service. It meets the need of client and at the same time, accelerates the development of Kawasaki port. In 2014, we set up the service from Qingdao and Bohai Bay to Kawasaki. In March 2015, the service from Shanghai, Southern China, Vietnam to Kawasaki will be twice a week.

SITC will work harder to provide more convenient and high-class service in the future.