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Maiden Voyage Ceremony of SITC Line new route successfully held in Makassar


SITC Line has been committed to providing safe, efficient and fast route service. Under the promotion of national policies –One Belt and One Road and benefit from the promotion of Indonesia’s maritime power policy, while implement of ASEAN integration is approaching, the efficiency improvement of shipping and logistics industry, which arising from the SITC new route layout, will play a positive role in promoting regional economic development.
To meet the needs of the growing demand of shipping and logistics between Indonesia and China and ASEAN member countries, SITC Line put the new route CPX5 into operation, which directly connecting Makassar to Hong Kong - South China - Philippines - Indonesia - East Malaysia, and take advantage of the unique transit network to provide our import and export customers with efficient and value-added services within the Asian region.
As the first international service of Makassar Container Terminal  , the route calling in Makassar Port, has received high attention and vigorously support from Mission of The People’s Republic of China to ASEAN, China Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, Shipping Branch of Chamber,CCS Indonesia office , ICTSI, Indonesia Ministry of state owned enterprises, Indonesian Transportation Department, South Sulawesi provincial government, Indonesia Port Corporation 4 (IPC 4), the Indonesian Shipowners Association (INSA), the Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI / ILFA), South Sulawesi Chamber of Commerce and the majority of import and export customers.
At the same time, the new company of SITC-- Indonesia Makassar office was set up to provide customers with safe, stable and secure professional services.
Maiden Voyage Signing Ceremony of SITC and PELINDO 4(from left to right): Governor of South Sulawesi, Mr.H.SyahrulYasin Limpo, SH, M. Si., MH ;President Director of PELLINDO4; Authority of Makassar port Mr. I Nyoman Gede Saputra,SITC Line Indonesia General Manager Mr. Liu Dunjie

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