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Endless Road Ahead, Join Hands Together-- SITC International 2018 Gobi Expedition


Walking is the simplest sport, but reaching the limit is a challenge that many people have never tried before. In order to challenge oneself, cultivate team spirit and enhance the leadership of employees, the first series of Gobi hiking activities begun in Shanghai area. In the two and a half months since mid-June, 40 competitors have emerged from 93 competitors through strict hospital physical examination, three trials of 10 km, 18 km and 23 km, and then drawn for four teams. Finally, after one and a half months of group training, the first group of four teams from SITC Gobi Challengers officially set foot on the desert of the Gobi Desert on October 12, jointly opening a three-day, two-night, 88-kilometer non-stop hiking road challenge.

This route, starting from Tar Temple, the end of Lou Lou Mountain, through Po Chengzi and Langcai ditch, along with the hills, canyons, Yardang and other complex landforms. Team members hike on that broad land, boundless Gobi, flying sand and rolling pebbles. They experienced various tests of sunshine, cold, sand and dust, night hiking, high altitude, with the footsteps of measuring that desolate land. They break through themselves, enhance adversity quotient, mold leadership, feel the growing friendship through grinding, and understand the importance of the team in front of difficulties.

"Keep the team, fighting!" "Give me the bag, I'll carry it", "Let me help you", "I'll be for you", "I can, don't mind me", "Trust me, I can stick to it", "we can do it", "Put more effort into it", "Stick to it, it's not too far to climb the mountain ahead"... The warm words were floating on the vast Gobi. Every night in the camp, the members sit around the ground outside the tent, wiping their shoes, dealing with the pain, encouraging each other, discussing team tactics, self-reflection, and entertaining their opponents. Belief and sense of responsibility become the source of strength for each member, physical pain in the sense of responsibility and collective honor has been negligible.

It is the team spirit that leads us all to go further. At the same time, we achieved four teams that are not afraid of difficulties without abandoning or giving up. Eventually, the team completed the ultimate challenge of 88 km, reshaped the will and quality, improved leadership, and showed SITC style.

Endless road ahead, but let us join hands together!

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