Chinese shipping company benefits Indonesia

A Chinese shipping company benefits various local companies in East Indonesia. As a trade hub in east Indonesia, South Sulawesi has higher growth than national average. One firm contributing to this success is Chinese shipping company, SITC International Holdings.

SITC first began to dock at Makassar, the capital province of South Sulawesi, in 2015.

The company has pioneered direct container delivery to various international major ports including those in Japan. During its first year of operation, SITC only loaded 50 containers in Makassar port. Now it regularly carries 250 containers, but hopes to increase the number to 300.

Its success has had a knock-on effect around the region where it operates. One firm noticing the change, is PT Bogatama Marinusa or Bomar.

“From Makassar to Japan, before, we had so many transits that it took at least 28 days to reach the port of destination. Now, it is reduced to two weeks. So, this service is really helpful for business in South Sulawesi and in general for eastern Indonesia.”

Cendarma is optimistic SITC will develop, alongside the economy of Eastern Indonesia.

“We need to know, if we look Indonesia now and the future, the business will be growing from here to eastern of Indonesia and Makassar city is the gateway for eastern Indonesia. So, Indonesia economy as we know starting from now on will be growing in this area from Makassar, South Sulawesi to Papua.”

Comextra Majora CEO Jimmy Wisan also apprecited the work of SITC, and sees it as a reliable partner.

“Big shipping lines could leave three or four years later. Hopefully, SICT can stay and help us solve problems and face challenge together. We hope its business will grow in Indonesia”

Despite a sluggish world economy, Indonesian GDP grew by 5 percent last year, and in South Sulawesi, growth has been even stronger, hitting 7.4 and 7.1 percent in the last two years.