Chairman Yang Visited Commercial Counsellor’s Office of Mission of the People’s Republic of China to ASEAN & Indonesian Logistics and Freight Forwarding Association

On January 16, Chairman Yang visited the Chinese Embassy to ASEAN at Jakarta and had a cordial exchange with Counselor Tan Shufu. Chairman Yang thanked Mr. Tan for his support to SITC, and introduced in detail the SITC Asian market focus strategy and the business spirit of focusing on operational efficiency.

Mr.Tan spoke highly of SITC’s contribution to the interconnection between ASEAN countries, especially the connection between “Ocean ASEAN”. In the future, hopes that SITC will provide more service extension and contribution in terms of “Land ASEAN”.

The two sides also conducted in-depth exchanges on the latest policy information, investment directions of Indonesia and ASEAN countries, and localized operations style.

When meeting with Mr. Tan to meet with Mr. Yukki, Chairman of the Indonesian Logistics and Freight Forwarding Association (ALFI) and the rotating chairman of the ASEAN National Logistics and Freight Forwarders Association, he was invited its associations and members to actively participate in the China Import Expo Service Trade Exhibition, with the help of China and Indonesia fast growing Economic and trade exchanges, and make more cooperation and exchanges.