Laem Chabang port – Fired on board m/v KMTC HONGKONG v.1097S

On May 26, 2019 at 6:50AM, a fire onboard vessel “KMTC HONGKONG” occurred at Laem Chabang port.

For this accident, overall Laem Chabang terminal temporary stopped working for the security for working people health as it will be affected by hazardous smoke generated.

The cause is not disclosed the details. Just it was said that DG cargo import container was exploded on the vessel.

Fire Location: Laem Chabang Terminal “A2”

At around 09:30, it was confirmed that fire could be controlled and Terminal C1/C2/C3 started operation then. For the Terminal B5, resumed operation from 12:00 noon, however, another B1-B4, still awaiting the approval Safety declaration from PAT “Port Authority Thailand“ as of 17:00.

SITC operating service : VTX1, VTX2, VTX3, JTH, TPX, CKV2  – calls B5/C3.

(not affected any import/export containers by this accident)

Slot space service         : JTV1 – calls C1, C2   (not affected)


JTV2 – calls A2

JTV2 Southbound (inbound) to Laem Chabang port

Vessel – Los Andes Bridge v. 120S  ETA Laem Chabang A2   May.25 22:00 was changed berth to C1/C2 for import container discharge.

Then, the vessel will move to A2 for export container loading on May.26 17:00 (ETB)

SITC Thailand inbound team sent the berth change notice for all import customer of this vessel.

“KMTC HONGKONG” original schedule.



Southbound : Busan – Shanghai – Hong Kong – Laem Chabang Northbound : Laem Chabang – Ho Chi Minh – Busan